DANAË MOONS still missing

since 18-01-2015

after she had gone down in a polish coal mine, danaë was determined to visit the jungle. there, she wanted to experience again the challenges human beings face in exploiting the resources and forces of nature. in her opinion the modern human being has become detached from nature more and more. relying on all the machinery around us we seem to think we are almost independent of nature, meanwhile not taking into account the threat of exhausting the resources of nature.

danaë wanted to enhance our consciousness of nature. while there is a kind of a shadow over her recent work, reflecting the hard work of coal miners, she also imagined herself back to prehistoric times. she wanted to feel personally how people then dealt with the gifts of nature, well aware of the fact that nature could also be destructive. danaë was surely impressed by the Dayak people she encountered in the little villages along the mahakam river, just like we were in our search for her. they do still have a close relationship with nature: for their living completely dependent on this river, they also have to cope with its dangerous nature in daily life.

In kalimantan danaë should find what she was looking for, helped by her guide kiswono. he was going to teach her how to survive in the jungle. his natural smartness would undoubtedly inspire danaë to visualize the spirit and poetry of the jungle in new work from a new and even more optimistic perspective. however, as Danaë has written on her website, "in the end nature reigns the world". a sudden high water took the boat they were traveling with by surprise and dragged danaë down to the depths of the beautiful mahakam river.

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